Forest Walk
/ Cocoa cake, Dark chocolate ganache, Chocolate mousse, Forest berry filling

Rocky Mountain High
/ Cocoa cake with toasted hazelnuts, Chocolate ganache, Chocolate mousse, Hazelnut cream

Raspberry Lime
/ Lime cake with toasted coconut, White chocolate mousse, Lime cream, Raspberry filling

Liquid Luck
/ Lemon cake, cottage cheese cream, forest berries

/ Lemon cake, White chocolate mousse, Pistachio cream, Strawberry filling

Autumn Delight
/ Cinnamon cake with walnuts, white chocolate mousse, Greek yogurt cream, caramelised apples with cinnamon and honey


PB & Jelly
/ Vanilla cake, White chocolate mousse, Peanut butter cream, Forest berry filling

Triple Choc
/ Cocoa cake, Dark chocolate ganache, Chocolate mousse, White chocolate mousse

Over the Rainbow
/ Lemon cake, White chocolate mousse, Greek yogurt mousse with toasted coconut, Raspberry filling

Toffee Crumble
/ Cinnamon cake with brown sugar, chocolate mousse, homemade hazelnut cream, homemade caramel with cinnamon

Orange Booster
/ Cocoa cake with hazelnuts and orange zest, dark chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse with orange

Coffee Time
/ Coffee cake, white chocolate mousse with vanilla scent, coffee cream, toasted hazelnuts


The Great Gatsby
/ Cocoa cake with chocolate drops, White chocolate ganache, Chocolate mousse with Bailey's liquor, Sour cherry filling

Sweet Figs
/ Almond cake, Tahini cream with lemon, Caramelised figs

Gin o'clock
/ Lime cake, White chocolate mousse with gin, Greek yogurt cream with lime, Raspberry filling

Scottish Lands
/ Cocoa cake, Dark chocolate ganache, Chocolate mousse with Whiskey, Salty hazelnut butter

Banana Bread
/ Vanilla cake with banana, cottage cheese, bananas and homemade nut granola


Chocolate Log
/ Cocoa cake, Chocolate ganache, Forest berry filling

Fresh Raspberry
/ Lemon cake with coconut, Coconut cream, Raspberry filling

Bali Night
/ Lime cake, Lime cream, Pineapple filling, Toasted coconut

Morning Coffee
/ Coffee cake with hazelnuts, Chocolate ganache, Vanilla cream

Nutty Walnut
/ Walnut cake with cinnamon, Chocolate ganache, Walnut cream, Pear filling with cinnamon and rum

Breakfast in Bed
/ Coconut cake with raspberries, Banana cream, Peanut cream, Crunchy granola

Dippin’ Peanut
/ Vanilla cake, peanut cream, raspberries

Lady in Red
/ Lemon cake with coconut, white chocolate, strawberries

* Flavors can be personalized or combined to your preferences.